THE ROUND-UP: Children of Bathala open for pre-orders

We're back with another collection of cool reads and interesting finds on the internet! This week, Arnold Arre announces the next installment in his The Mythology Class series, and we trace the Filipino Diaspora through its literature.

Pre-orders for 'The Children of Bathala Vol. 2' are open

If you've Arnold Arre's The Mythology Class, then you need to add its two-part sequel, The Children of Bathala, to your collection. Brush up on your Philippine folklore and catch up with the series' main characters, now full-blown adults, as they protect the world from the forces of darkness.

To preview and pre-order The Children of Bathala Vol. 2, click here

Teach kids about Filipino values and history online

Sometimes it's hard to put what we want to teach our kids into words. It's a good thing there are these local online that shows to help us out today.

Heneral Tuna

A blue alien cat from the Planet Minming infiltrates Earth but instead learns about Filipino traits and values from his adoptive family. The seven-episode children's series is available on Kumu and YouTube, and a trailer is available here:


The Commission on Human Rights has produced a series of stories about regular people who lived in and stood up against Martial Law. Available as an animated series on YouTube and as a podcast on Spotify, Habilin teaches children about people you wouldn't expect to be heroes who ended up doing what's right and serving their community.

Read more about Habilin here, or watch the trailer below:

Alejandro Pardo and Filipino Mythology

Curious about our local folklore but don't want to read all the academic papers about them? Budjette Tan, Mervin Malonzo, and their co-creators present The Lost Journal of Alejandro Pardo, a "manuscript" containing their characters' first-hand accounts with our country's supernatural beings, both good and bad.

Learn more about the book and its sequel, The Black Bestiary, here.

You can also do quick browse below:


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