Goodbye, 2020 (and thank you)

We started 2020 hoping for more art markets and gigs; but instead, we ended up with a new website and more food deliveries. We can all agree that this was a year full of surprises (sometimes unpleasant ones at that), but we are glad we're still here.

So before we begin 2021, let's remember our journey up to this point.

1. We held the biggest arts and komiks market in Cavite

After a volcanic start to the year, we found a way to bring our Caviteño community together through visual art and local comics: Komiket Cavite 2020. It was inspiring to literally rub shoulders with creatives from the Metro South and north of Metro Manila! Little did we know, our last big event in Cavite and our final face-to-face art market before the quarantine.


2. We closed for almost four months

Still on a high from a successful Komiket collab, we were hit with new of an enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) in Metro Manila and Cavite. To ensure our team's safety, we closed our doors from March to May and sold coffee and snacks online. 


3. We bounced back

Ready to run after a long break, we sanitized our space and got ready to push for food delivery via Food Panda, Viber and Messenger. The moment we re-opened we saw some of our old friends and were glad to see some of our neighbors dining in and supporting local.

4. We said goodbye to Cavite 

Closing our Cavite branch to focus in Las Piñas was one of the most difficult and heartbreaking decisions we've ever had to make. Cavite will always be where everything began for Buku-Buku Kafe, and we will always be grateful to the Caviteños who helped us grow and kept us creating. One day, we'll be back.

5. We won an award

Between organizing Komiket Cavite and bouncing back from a months-long ECQ, we found the time to win an award! With your help, we made it to Zomato's top 10 restaurants in Las Piñas and found the strength to hold on. Thank you for believing in our brand and supporting Metro South businesses like ours!⁠ 

6. We finally launched a website

At last, we can publish our stories and deliver your orders from our own domain! We hope to see more of you in 2021, even if it's online, so don't forget to sign up at bukubukukafe.com and start adding your favorite dishes to your wish list!

Looking back at everything we've gone through, we can say that 2020 was one tough year. But it was also a year of growth. 

It pushed us to innovate and reminded us of why we began Buku-Buku Kafe in the first place: To build a strong creative community in the Metro South. And thanks to you, we can see that the community is still there—online and in person. There's still a reason to keep going.

So thank you and goodbye, 2020. We learned a lot. You can retire now.

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