Not into sweets? This flan is for you


You and your loved ones may still be socially distancing this Christmas, but nothing says you care about them than a special delivery to their doorstep. Sure, cake may be the first thing you think about, but what if they're not into the sweet stuff? If you're looking for a treat for family and friends this holiday season, you need to try our Kalaflansi.

If you've been to Buku-Buku Kafe in 2016, you'll remember this dessert when it was first served in a coffee mug. Five years later, we're serving version 2.0: the Kalaflansi, a perfect pint of creamy and tangy, balancing the sweetness of traditional leche flan with just the right amount of calamansi juice. For an extra kick, we added a calamansi caramel sauce to top this updated delight.

"We wanted to make something our community can have delivered to their loved ones," says Jess Santiago, co-manager and partner of Buku-Buku Kafe, "something that wasn't too sweet so even their pickiest friends or titas can enjoy it for the holidays."

The Kalaflansi will be available next week. You can also pre-order all 16 ounces of this delectable leche flan here.

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The perfect pint of sweet and citrus
| Photos by David Garmsen

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