Return Policy

Published on Oct. 27, 2022

Hello there! We want you to have an awesome experience when you order from our online restaurant, but we know that sometimes things don’t go as planned. This is why we made the following guidelines to make sure we’re on the same page: 

  1. All orders are final once you have checked out your cart so make sure to review your order and pick the right payment method before you confirm.

  2. If you want to review your cart and order history, make sure to click SIGN UP and open an account at bukubukukafe.com before you place your orders.

  3. All paid orders are considered final. We make perishable items, and we can no longer cancel or refund your orders once we have begun preparing your food and drinks.

  4. For feedback and concerns, please call us at 02 8771 1366 or 0917 659 8436. You can also help us improve by filling out our contact form here.

  5. Be kind 😊 We know we all have our bad days, but please remember to treat our team with compassion and respect. Remember: We are all doing our best.

  6. For senior citizens and PWD customers who wish to order for delivery,  please call us at 02 8771 1366 or 0917 659 8436 so we can assist you.

Thank you! We can’t wait to bring you good food for even better company.

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